A Look into State-of-the-art Automatic Cotton Candy Machines

Faced with tough competition in the local scene, the company smartly takes advantage of the broader foreign markets. There is a warm reception for the brand's candy floss machines across the globe.

    NEW YORK, NY, December 07, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Exploring Sunzee's MG-330 Pro and MG-320 Pro It's challenging to impress buyers today, given the sheer number of vending machines popping in the market. Guangzhou Sunzee Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. tackles this issue with its line of cotton candy robots. The company's design and technology are remarkably unique, gaining a lot of buzz from consumers and entrepreneurs alike. As the maker of the world's first automatic cotton candy machine, Sunzee receives plenty of love across the globe. Their innovative products have made an entrance in countries like Singapore, the United States, Egypt, and Thailand. Certainly, the firm has the makings of a globally dominating brand in the market. Technology with a sweet twist At first look, the machine gives off a fun vibe with its overall aesthetic. The pastel colors and charming accents work to catch the passerby's attention. It also takes advantage of top-quality lighting that illuminates the interior and makes the process visible to consumers. Product design isn't the only strong suit of Sunzee. Established in 2015, the company specializes in the research and development of retail robots. Its candy floss vending machine, for example, is a pioneering technology in the industry. It's the brainchild of professionals who are passionate about robot innovation. The company is composed of experts from different fields of technology and marketing. The majority of the founding members hail from the prestigious South China University of Technology. There's a dedicated professional to cover different areas of production, from automation to artificial intelligence to smart retail. Marketing and management operations managers are also in the mix. Today, Sunzee Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Is the world's biggest name among candy floss robot brands. Cementing its identity as a top 'Service Provider', the firm boasts over 130 team members and 50 patents to date. Additionally, their products have the necessary certifications to ensure top-notch quality. They surpass international quality standards such as the ISO9001, CQC, CE, and more. These qualifications demonstrate the brand's commitment to providing industry-leading commercial machines. Introducing the MG330 and MG320 models Every automatic cotton candy machine the company develops undergoes fifteen rounds of optimization and polishing. It also goes through over twenty quality control processes. They follow strict production standards to create retail robots that are a hit in the international market. As of press time, the company has five candy floss machines available. Its latest offerings, the MG-330 Pro and MG-320 Pro feature the brand's latest technological developments and designs. MG-330 Pro The MG-330 Pro automatic cotton candy machine is the latest 2022 model to join the Sunzee family. As the newest addition, this robot takes the crown as the most upgraded version yet. Compared to other models, this product has a visually improved design. Every detail from the text to lighting to the touchscreen menu gives the machine a very appealing look. This robot weighs about 250 kilograms, but the wheeled bottom enables easy transport and relocation. Consumers will delight in the touchscreen selection where they can choose four flavors and thirty flower designs. Every stage of cotton candy making is seen from the outside. It allows better consumer participation, which encourages repeat buying. What makes this model special is the enhanced internal humidification burner system. The robot's sugar action is clearly visible via the glass window, which doesn't condense even during winter. It is significantly smoother and does not consume water, enabling longer storage time for raw materials. The machine is a step-up from the older models and other competing brands. MG-320 Pro The MG-320 Pro, along with the MG-330, is a newer version of the company's cotton candy machines. To date, there are over 5,000 units of this classic model in operation abroad. It's one of the sellable versions that boasts optimized features. For instance, it offers thirty flower types in four flavors. The candy floss patterns are stable, making it appear much prettier in photos. Unlike older machines, this model can be installed outdoors without the owner worrying about condensation. It's thanks to the improved internal humidification burner that the sugar process is smoother. In addition, the fuselage does not rust easily, ensuring its long service life. This fully automatic cotton candy machine has a low operational cost and is highly income generating. It has a touchscreen selection panel that entices more consumers to try it for themselves. The payment channels via QR also offer buyers a very convenient way of purchasing the flavorful candy floss. Trailblazing versions Aside from the frontrunning MG-330 Pro and MG-320 Pro robots, the brand also has self-service models like the MG-301 and the MG-280. They are lighter versions with eighteen flower patterns in four flavors available. Although semi-automatic, this machine has a fully enclosed production, which makes it safe and easy to operate. The MG-220 is the smallest of the bunch, featuring a mini desktop design that grants outstanding portability. Like its sister machines, this model has a totally enclosed production area as well. At a net weight of only 67 kilograms, this tiny contraption works best for snack bars and convenience stores. The brand's candy making robots provide a high level of reliability and functionality. These machines are the ultimate snack options for consumers that translate to high profits for owners. With Sunzee's outstanding R&D, there's no doubt that better cotton candy machines are coming up in the future. Promising run in the market Switching to fully automatic models with touchscreen LED displays propels the brand to the spotlight. For buyers, the immersive experience of choosing a pattern and watching it getting made is truly incredible. It entices them further to try other options, making them repeat customers. In this light, the machines maximize the owner's return on investment. Faced with tough competition in the local scene, the company smartly takes advantage of the broader foreign markets. There is a warm reception for the brand's candy floss machines across the globe. Would-be owners can benefit from the low maintenance and operation costs, ensuring better revenue margins for them. To sum up, these automatic cotton candy machines are worth investing in for entrepreneurs who dream of enriching their income stream. Sunzee is a service provider to the core, delivering not only the best product but also providing excellent after-sales support. Guangzhou Sunzee Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, the company has a production and research and development base of more than 10,000 square meters, a service team of more than 130 people, more than 50 invention and utility patents for a series of products, and has obtained CQC (national ccc laboratory) certification, ISO9001 certification, CB certification, CE certification Certification, KC certification and many other Chinese and international certifications. The star product fully automatic cotton candy vending machine has undergone 15 generations of optimization and polishing, more than 20 quality controls, covering more than 80 countries around the world and entering 70 cities in China, and has provided more than 10,000 customers around the world. professional service. Related Link: # # # Lollipop Hard Candy Making Machine

A Look into State-of-the-art Automatic Cotton Candy Machines

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