Ninjala is adding fishing

GungHo is still heavily supporting the Switch exclusive Ninjala, and has now revealed that fishing will be added to the game. This will be added as part of Season 12.

Players will be able to fish at any place that has a large body of water like the ocean or lakes in the WNA Resort. Pole-and-Line Fishing, Surf Fishing (Bait), and Surf Fishing (Lure) options will be available. There’ll even be Fishing Missions, an Aquapedia, tournaments, and more. Boat rod

Ninjala is adding fishing

With Pole-and-Line Fishing, players “use the float to enjoy the strategic push-and-pull against the fish.” The float is pulled underwater when the fish bites. When that happens, players need to tilt the left stick down at the same time to pull the fish out of the water. It won’t be entirely simple as some fish will try to fake you out by shaking the boat, so you’ll want to wait until the float sinks deeply.

As for the Surf Fishing (Bait) option in Ninjala, players sync up with the movements of the fish. When the fishing rod heavily bends, tilt the left stick down to bait the fish. Then when the fish bites, the left stick and ZR button are used to control the fishing rod. As the tension of the fishing line increases, the faster the fish will be exhausted and pulled out of the water. The tradeoff is that high tension results in the fishing line durability to go down very quickly.

Last up is Surf Fishing (Lure) in which players bait fish by spinning the reel to move the lure. Again, managing in the line tension plays a key role. This mode separates itself as players must keep their lure at the correct depth for the fish they want to reel in.

You can get a first look at fishing in Ninjala as well as Season 12 as a whole in the video below.

Ninjala is adding fishing

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