SMRTFT Nüobell Review: One of the Best Premium Dumbbells We've Tested

These weights are worth the money.

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SMRTFT Nüobell Review: One of the Best Premium Dumbbells We

WHETHER YOU'RE looking to get dumbbells for a small living space, or you want multiple free weights for your home gym, adjustable dumbbells are a great option. But with a handful of options on the market, it can be difficult to decide which ones are the best for your needs. Things like the look and feel of the weight, how easily it can be adjusted, and how many different load options are offered should all be considered when buying a set of adjustable dumbbells. Having tried and tested numerous adjustable dumbbells brands and options, we can confidentially put our MH Certified stamp of approval behind the SMRTFT Adjustable Dumbbells. Based on the bells' aesthetics, specs, weight range, design, adjustability, and durability, here’s why you should consider adding these adjustable dumbbells to your equipment set up.

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The SMRTFT Nüobell 80-pound classic dumbbells are offered in three performance colorways including black, olive green, and white, as well as a super chic matte black option (for just $30 more dollars)—and all are extremely sleek-looking. Each dumbbell comes in a portable cradle or holder, or you can choose to add on the brand’s custom-made stands to keep the weights stored at a bit higher height (which may make them easier to lift initially).

With this one set of adjustable dumbbells, you’ll get 16 sets of weights in one! The weights each range from five to 80 pounds—which is on the higher side for adjustable options—increasing by 5-pound increments at a time. As you up the load, the plates stack on outwardly, meaning that the weight at 10 pounds will be smaller and less clunky than at 75 pounds. And even at its heaviest weight, 80 pounds, the design with plates stacked seamlessly into one another, the dumbbell doesn’t look or feel bulky. And unlike other adjustable dumbbells, the SMRTFT bells never get thicker as you increase the load—all of the plates are the same silhouette. When performing exercises, the weights look and feel very similar to a nonadjustable alternative of the same load. You’ll be able to do anything from skull crushers, to Romanian deadlifts, to chest presses without feeling like the bells are restricting your movement or form.

The bell design also has equal amount of weight on either side of the handle, which is essential and helpful when you’re doing accessory exercises such as curls or lat raises. It’s especially ideal for bicep exercises as the bells ensure that you challenge both functions of your biceps, supination, or the upward rotation of your palms and forearms, as well as elbow flexion, or the bending of your elbow. By getting the most out of the movements, you’re set up for arm gains galore.

The handle of the dumbbells is knurled with small ridges so you can get a good grip before lifting the weight, which is especially helpful when you up the weight ranges or use them for exercises like deadlifts or overhead presses. And that brings us to the adjustability of the bells, which couldn’t be more simple. Just place the bells into the cradles or holders, twist the handle right or left, towards the “+” or “- ” symbol respectively, and voila!, the load changes. You don’t have to remove and replace a pin, nor adjust two sides of each dumbbell. The single twisting motion of the handle adjusts both heads of the dumbbell to the weight displayed. There’s rarely jamming or anything slowing you down either, making the dumbbells great for doing drop sets (performing reps at a high weight, and then dropping to a lower one) or using them for supersets with exercises that you need to do at different weights.

It may be worth noting though that you do have to pay attention when you place the dumbbell back into the cradle or holder, as it needs to line up with the remaining weights in the holder to be able to adjust it correctly. If it isn’t lined up, it won’t adjust correctly or at all.

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As with most adjustable dumbbells, the SMRTFT Dumbbells are expectedly a bit more delicate than regular dumbbells that don’t have multiple weight plates on either head/end of the bell. So, understandably, you probably don’t want to drop them violently on the floor or a mat repeatedly. The dumbbells are still quite durable though, and can withstand intense HIIT workouts, cycling exercises like snatches or cleans, and being slid under your torso while holding a high plank for a core burner. The discs are made of iron, so they’re made to last. Plus, if anything goes wrong or malfunctions, the bells come with a 2-year extended warranty, which covers mechanical failure due to defects in materials or malfunctioning parts from normal, regular use!

When it comes to adjustable dumbbells, there’s no shortage of options out there. But if you’re going to invest in a set, you’re going to want a pair that won’t only allow you to perform your workouts the way you need, but you also need a set of weights that can withstand years of fitness. Having tried tons of the brands and types offered, the SMRTFT bells were impressive not only for their sleek aesthetic and non-bulky design, but also for their functionality as well as their durability. If you want a set of adjustable dumbbells that give you multiple different weight options (especially great if you’re sharing them with a partner or the whole family will be using them), are comfortable to grip, and easy to adjust, look no further than the SMRTFT Nüobell 80-Pound Adjustable Dumbbells!

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SMRTFT Nüobell Review: One of the Best Premium Dumbbells We

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